GV Osteopathic Clinic | Our Team
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Our Team

Dr. Tara O’Callaghan

Tara has spent the majority of her career working in Regional Victoria and has developed a great understanding of what makes regional areas what they are, and the health concerns that can come with it. Being aware of few choices when it came to alternatives for care, Tara established the clinic in 2001 to aim to fill this void.
Her main interests in Osteopathy include experiencing the diversity that regional practice presents, Neck and Shoulder Injuries, Spinal and Pelvic Concerns, Postural Assessment and Advice involving the whole family, Chronic Pain and Patient Focused Outcomes.
Outside of the clinic Tara enjoys swimming, getting stuck into the garden and being active. But most of all she loves spending time with her growing family.
Dr. Olivia Fontana

Olivia originally hails from Shepparton, and now devotes her time working as an Osteopath between here and Melbourne. Her main interests in Osteopathy are treating people who experience Neck and Back pain, particularly those who experience a lot of these symptoms in this technological age where a lot of people are at a computer all day long. She also enjoys working with people who suffer Headaches, strengthening muscular imbalances and in helping people to maintain full body health.
Olivia also has a special interest in working with people who experience digestive issues and those with Chronic Constipation.
Dr. Jeff Harris

Jeff originally consulted as an Osteopath from the clinic until he departed in August 2016 up north to Darwin, NT. He has now relocated to begin practicing in sunny Deniliquin, NSW and has returned to join us in the clinic on Wednesdays.

Jeff has a special interest in foot, leg and pelvic biomechanics including gait assessment. He is also trained to carry out on site ergonomics assessments and write medico-legal reports, especially concerning whiplash injuries. He, like other Osteopaths, is trained to treat the vast majority of pain causing conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, using Osteopathic manual therapy and exercise.

Jeff is also trained in ‘Dry Needling’ technique, which involves inserting a fine, sterile acupuncture needle into muscle ‘trigger points’. This procedure is especially useful with chronic pain sufferers, and may be used in conjunction with other Osteopathic techniques.

Dr. Matthew Casilli

Matthew is committed to improving the health and well-being of all his patients. He enjoys treating all kinds of musculoskeletal complaints, but especially Headaches, Neck and Lower back pain, and the many different types of Sporting Injuries that can occur. Matthew is also a qualified personal sports trainer, and whilst he was studying to become an Osteopath, was able to put these skills to use working with several Melbourne football clubs. He values and enjoys working with people, regardless of activity levels, to prepare exercise prescription and rehabilitation programs that promote improvement in outcomes, health and vitality and reducing re-injury rates.


Matthew also really values the relationship he has with his patients, and aims to work together to get his patients back to normal activities as soon as possible. He enjoys explaining how the body can function optimally and how his treatment may assist in improving the patients’ discomfort. Matthew worked for a number of years as an Anatomy Tutor at RMIT University whilst he was studying, so he a great knowledge base of the workings of the human body to draw from in explaining common pattern of injuries.


Pam Clune

Pam commenced with us at the clinic in Reception in January 2018.